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just another angsty, obsessive, artsy type here...

8 April 1981
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How do we describe the bef?

Well, to start with, bef is a girl, a short one. She wears glasses to compensate for her insufficient ability to see things from afar. She has medium length hair, and it is the colour of field mice in the autumn. She has pasty white flesh that burns well beneath the harsh rays of the daystar, one of her many sworn enemies.

She is intensely silly at times, and is an angsty artist at others. Please take anything she may say with a grain of salt. She is allergic to many things (and suffers from chemical sensitivities) to things including but not limited to; pine oil, milk, and stupidity. Naturally, this makes her life a bit difficult at times.

She has aspirations of being a real artist someday, but you know what they say about dreamers. To see some of her art, check out her deviantart account (too busy of late to make a real portfolio site) at: snowbringer.deviantart.com. Yes, she does draw boobs a lot. Is there a problem with that?

She likes clothes that billow in the wind, and a wide variety of music. She likes ducks a little too much for her own good, and is very fond of her bicycle. She has an unbridled passion for Major Kusanagi’s fine form, with its bountiful bust and hips, much like the adorable tachikomas. =0~ She harbours an unhealthy addiction to books of reading, and she is very fond of Science Fiction and Fantasy, as well as a wide variety of role-playing games (and owns more dice than she can roll at one time!). She tends to spend a great deal of time in the stories she tells in her head.

bef is trying to narrow down her choices for what she desires to be when she grows up; currently the list is topped by hummingbird, hobbit, or professional artist. Until then, she is working as a lowly-paid peon of a security company, working far too many hours than is healthy for a person. call centre employee, a job she openly despises rent-a-cop/receptionist until she becomes a student in the field of visual communications. (About time!)